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Deck staining and power washing look good temporarily, but they always leave you with future hassle and expense. This is because staining and power washing only address the surface-level appearance of wood and concrete, leaving them open to moisture and damage.

The PermaSeal® proprietary solution penetrates deep into the pores of wood and concrete, and creates a molecular bond that permanently prevents deterioration.

PermaSeal® your wood and concrete structures permanently™.

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PermaSeal® Guarantee

Finding companies you can trust is harder than it used to be. So if you’ve seen us brag on our guarantee a few too many times, it’s because we take great pride in being a business you can depend on. We are methodical every step of the way—from the hiring process all the way down to the final touches. We carefully select 100% of our employees to ensure every member of the PermaSeal® team is educated, skilled, and thorough. So we make sure the job is done right—the first time.

PermaSeal® is the only sealant that protects your deck from rot and decay—for 25 years guaranteed.


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