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PermaSeal® will restore and keep your deck protected for 25 years after just ONE treatment.

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Our simple 4-step process


Restore Your Deck to It's Natural Finish

Our restoration solution will remove the layer of grime and dirt that has built up throughout the seasons.


Remove Toxins and Mold

Our deep-penetrating detoxify treatment prevents mold, mildew, and other fungus causing deterioration.


Thorough Drying

A complete moisture air-out allows for maximum bond with the final Permaseal® magic application.


Permaseal® Application

Our proprietary formula balances PH and creates a molecular bond, and penetrates far deeper than coatings and stains can reach. This creates a rock-solid barrier from rot and decay that causes ugly decks.

Couldn't be happier!

"PermaSeal treated our deck and driveway, the before an after was like they were brand new. The customer service and timeliness were impeccable. I couldn't be happier with the value of their service!"

Natalie A.

A great experience for me...

"Can't say enough about this company. Everything they said they were going to do was completed ahead of schedule. Warranty came in the mail 10 days later. Great experience for me."

Tony G. 

Cleaning it is a breeze...

"Thank goodness for PermaSeal®, your team came out, and permanently sealed the deck. Now it looks just like the day we moved in. Cleaning it is a breeze, no need to power wash it, simply hose it down. We can highly recommend PermaSeal® to everyone that is looking for peace of mind!"

Jenny & Ed M.

Results that last 25 years!

You’ll notice an immediate difference after your PermaSeal®, but the real difference will be the memories you’ll make enjoying your deck instead of sealing it every couple of years.

Sealing wood and concrete in 17 states

16-states ddcopy

PermaSeal® is proud to offer concrete and wood sealing services in 17 states.

16-states ddcopy

How can you guarantee the structure of wood for 25 years?

Big River, Saskatchewan, Canada-1908.

The blistering Canadian winters bring temperatures well below -30º F. Utility poles bringing vital electricity to each home are frozen and unfrozen causing them to crack, splinter, and eventually fall.

The Canadian Standards Association and the American Wood Protection Association started a massive research project to treat the wood in a way that would ensure a longer life and safety to those relying on their electricity.

The proprietary PermaSeal® treatment was inspired by the research and standards started by the CSA and AWPA for those power lines. Now, we can change the chemical structure of wood and concrete to strengthen it from the inside out, prevent mold and fungi growth, and prolong the lifespan—regardless of the external forces of nature.

That is the science we bring with us when we come to treat your deck, fence, or driveway to preserve it for 25 years guaranteed.

P.S. A few years ago scientists performed a study to test the strength of the PermaSeal® treatment. We’re pretty proud of what they found!

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