Sealing Your Concrete Pool

Hit The Pool All Summer Long

Pools are enough maintenance on their own, why should you spend even more time maintaining the concrete surrounding it?

You picked a pool so you can relax and enjoy the warm weather. Don't let extensive maintenance and cleanup keep you from making the most of it.

With just ONE PermaSeal® treatment:

  • Your pool is protected for 25 years
  • Say goodbye to damage and deterioration from freeze and thaw cycles, acids, and salt
  • Uncover the natural beauty of your pool
  • Create the perfect outdoor space for years to come

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Why It’s Important To Protect Your Concrete

Picture this: it's a hot summer day, the smell of your freshly mowed lawn is in the air, you’ve got a cold drink in your hand, steaks on the grill, and your friends are soaking up the Vitamin D in your pool’s refreshing water. These are the moments that mean the most, the moments we look forward to year after year. However, those moments are put on hold when it comes to the tedious, but necessary, annual maintenance. Concrete is durable, but it's up against oils, acids, and salts that cause deep stains; as well as extreme weather conditions that put it at-risk of irreversible damage. PermaSeal® penetrates deep into the porous holes of your concrete, bonding on a molecular level. This creates a long-lasting barrier that protects it from stains and spills, and minimizes deterioration—for 25 years guaranteed! So you don’t have to miss a day filled with cold drinks and poolside chats.


PermaSeal® Speaks For Itself.

That's why we demonstrate our process for you, so you can make a confident and informed choice yourself (without feeling pressured).

PermaSeal® Guarantee

Finding companies you can trust is harder than it used to be. So if you’ve seen us brag on our guarantee a few too many times, it’s because we take great pride in being a business you can depend on. We are methodical every step of the way—from the hiring process all the way down to the final touches. We carefully select 100% of our employees to ensure every member of the PermaSeal® team is educated, skilled, and thorough. So we make sure the job is done right—the first time.

PermaSeal® is the only sealant that protects your concrete pool decking from damage and deterioration—for 25 years guaranteed.


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