Permanent Concrete Sealant

Have Questions About Concrete Sealing?

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Concrete sealing is the method used to strengthen and protect your concrete from oil, acids, salts, and more.


How Does Permaseal® Permanently Seal Concrete?


Restore, Refresh, Replenish

We restore your concrete by deep cleaning and removing harmful toxins in your concrete. Whether it’s patios, driveways, or pool decks, we make sure your concrete structures are restored!


Soak Up The Seasons

Years of moisture, freeze and thaw cycles, salt and alkali, and various bacteria, can damage and deteriorate your concrete, so PermaSeal® creates a permanent barrier against deterioration.


Here’s Where The Magic Happens

After your concrete is deep-cleaned, it’s time to permanently seal it in—locking and protecting that freshly-poured look for good. PermaSeal® penetrates deep into the porous concrete, bonding on a molecular level. This protects from moisture, freeze and thaw cycles, and deterioration- for 25 years guaranteed!

You don’t have to just take our word for it. We will demonstrate our process for you, so you can see the PermaSeal® protection happen right before your eyes.

What Are My Other Options?


Power washing: Power washing your driveway may look like it did the job, but it leaves your concrete vulnerable to future damage. Cleaning your driveway without applying a protective penetrating seal is like skipping sunscreen on a lake day in the hopes that your morning shower will fend off a sunburn. PermaSeal® creates a permanent barrier, protecting it from deterioration.


Epoxy Sealers: Sealers are another option, buuuut more expensive and shorter-lived. They can break the bank and last a couple of years on average. PermaSeal® is a long-lasting seal that protects your concrete structure for good.

PermaSeal® Speaks For Itself.

That's why we demonstrate our process for you, so you can make a confident and informed choice yourself (without feeling pressured).


The True Cost of Concrete Maintenance

The most efficient way to clean your concrete is by power washing it. However, it’s required at least once a year and secondary washes are still necessary throughout the year. It is costly to pressure wash a driveway, so not only is it a big commitment to keep up with maintenance yourself, it’s an expensive commitment year after year, and it leaves your concrete susceptible to damage beyond repair. (That’s an even bigger problem. Keep reading to see why that’s a lesson you don’t want to have to learn.)

Dodge Irreversible Damage


A deep clean is never a bad move, but cleaning is only a temporary solution to a recurring problem. It leaves your concrete susceptible to deterioration.


A new driveway, patio, or pool paving can be costly. Like we mentioned before, that is a lesson you don’t want to have to learn. PermaSeal® seals and protects your cement for years to come, so you can leave that worry in the past.

Why Is Permaseal® The Best Concrete Sealer For You?


All of our products are EPA certified and eco friendly, so if you see your grandbaby lick something off your concrete driveway or deck—don’t fret, it won’t hurt your family or pets.


Seal the Deal: Epoxy sealers are another option, but a more expensive and shorter-lived option. They can break the bank and only last a couple of years on average. PermaSeal® is a long-lasting, permanent seal that protects your concrete structure for good.


PermaSeal® speaks for itself. That's why we demonstrate our process for you, so you can make a confident and informed choice yourself. No commitment necessary, no high-pressure sales pitch, and no room left for questioning the validity of the results.

PermaSeal® Guarantee

We know how much time, research, and thought goes into making purchases you feel confident about—big or small. PermaSeal® is the only sealant with a 25-year guarantee, so you can feel confident about the strength and durability of your concrete structures (and saying goodbye to intensive annual sealing and maintenance)!


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